C’mon Boy (or Girl)

Belfairs Wood, Chalkwell Park, Benfleet sea wall, Blenheim Park, The Brook, Hockley Woods and Priory Park are just some of our dog walking locations.

During the winter months dog walking along the seaside provides a safe and exciting environment for your dog to explore. Your dog can spend a happy hour late morning or early afternoon playing with other dogs and sniffing out adventure, returning home tired and contented.

Steve says that he loves nothing more than seeing dogs run, it is what they live for and nothing makes them happier, except catching a ball perhaps! My ethos for the company was and is that our dogs happiness is paramount and we do everything we can towards that aim. That is why I work hard at training and assessing all the dogs that we walk as my main aim is to walk them safely off the lead so they can have the most fun in their time with us. With every new client we will walk them on lead for two weeks whilst using a retractable lead to assess their recall.It is also a very good tool to train/re train recall. After that we go to a gated park and let them off lead with other dogs to see how they react. If all is well we will then go to a larger park to see how they interact with the other dogs. We never walk more than 5 dogs at a time. Our walks are one hour long and that is from when we arrive at the venue not when we pick up! We walk in all weathers apart from Thunderstorms and carry our own towels when the weather is wet.