About us

Who we are and why we do it . . .

Our knowledge and care for Dogs and Cats has come from many hours that we have spent with our own over many years.

We follow a vision that we have held for many years as dog and cat owners to help dog and cat owners who cannot give their beloved pets the care they deserve. This is driven by a deep and abiding love of animals, especially dogs and cats. We aim to offer our customers the animal care they need and that their pets deserve We are the most genuine, caring and professional people.

We are fully insured with an enhanced DBS (police) check to complete all of the activities required by our clients in a safe and secure manner. Our bespoke service allows pet owners to go away on holiday or to work and relax knowing that their pets are being cared for.


Chief Dog Walker


Deputy Dog Walker

Steve and Paula have lived in the Southend area for many years and are both animal lovers.

Steve especially has been looking after his own cats and dogs for over 45 years. His first experience was walking his Grandmothers Dobermann pincer, Prince, when he was only nine years old. Prince lived in a hotel on the Isle of Wight and had to be tied up during the day this made him very bad tempered and he couldn’t be approached. Steve’s first walk with him was very nervous however Prince was a different dog once out and very friendly and approachable. This led to an abiding love of dogs and then cats which has shaped his life. Paula’s experience is with Great Danes growing up and cockapoos in recent times. We are very keen to give our clients the best experience possible and make them as happy as we can whilst in our care.

Although we will walk friendly dogs together we will never walk more then four at a time and this will only be after weeks of assessment and training. As local dog walkers for many years we know many gated parks in the area for training, as well as all of the best walking venues in the area.

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